Road Safety is a complex issue that demands collaborated efforts of multiple stakeholders. There are five pillars of road safety among which Safer Road Users bears esteem importance. Education of road users to create awareness about road safety to bring a behavioral change is very essential.

Community for Safer Roads has developed specialized curriculum for educating school children of class six to ninth. We have crafted a text book titled Essentials of Road Safety that contains specific topics on road safety for school children. At the end of each chapter, various activities have been provided to impart practical learning of road safety.

In addition to school children, Community for Safer Roads is also engaged in conducting road safety education for senior school children and college students. The education developed by Community for Safer Roads for school children include the following:

  • Be Bright Be Seen
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Safety in School Bus and Public Transport
  • Dangers of Speed
  • First Aid
  • Good Samaritan Guidelines