Community for Safer Roads, Jaipur is a non-profit organization registered under The Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958. The Executive Members of the organization are working in the area of road safety since 2010. Community for Safer Roads is committed for creating awareness for road safety, prevention of road crashes through education, training, community initiatives and advocacy. The organization aims to serve society at large for the noble and social virtue of road safety to bring down the road crash fatality rate in the country.

Vision and Mission

Become a change agent by sensitizing society at large through Education, Training and Community Participation in order to develop a sustainable and safe road culture.


  • Educate various community groups about need of road safety and behavioral aspect of safe driving.
  • Deliver specialized training on Road Safety and allied issues.
  • Bring in comprehensive Community Participation programs for public at large on road safety, education and awareness.
  • Organize seminars, workshops to bring the stakeholders on a common platform for advocacy of road safety related issues.
  • Publish books, IEC material and other literature on road safety.

Services and Offerings

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Awareness Campaigns

Education Programs

Capacity Building

Road Safety Projects

Research & Development

Road Safety Advocacy